Unwept by Tracy Hickman & Laura Hickman

unweptHardcover, 272 pages
Published July 1st 201


I think I was pulled by another pretty cover, but who can blame me right? It’s gorgeous and has a touch of mystery surrounding it too. When you add on the synopsis, which promises a creepy small town mystery, I knew that I had to read the Unwept.

The book starts off strong in the prologue. A girl is in a coffin and the entire experience both creepy and disturbing. After the prologue, the book is pretty good. We’re introduced to Ellis who is coming down to Gamin, Maine via train. She’s with a nurse, who she doesn’t remember, and a baby. Only the nurse keeps telling her to ignore the sleeping child and acts like they don’t exist. When Ellis leaves the train, she realizes that no one else got on the train even though there are many people at the train station. Almost like no one ever leaves this place.

Ellis then meets the other members of the small town. Just like the nurse on the train, everyone remembers Ellis even though she doesn’t know any of them. The only one she has some inkling of remembrance for is her cousin Jenny.

The town, in itself, seems almost sinister despite the smiles and happiness of its citizens. No kids are here and people keep mysteriously dying. Ellis also has dreams of a man who turns into a moth.

All this sounds great, right? Perfect for an eerie mystery where you’re not sure of what’s what and who is who. Only…only I found the Unwept to be kind of boring. The mystery is very slow moving and by the time everything is reveal, you stop caring. It’s not shocking, it’s just there.

Even though this is a small book and should be a short read, I found myself struggling to get through it. I liked Gamin and I did like the beginning of the novel, but everything else failed to live up to its potential. The other characters were one note and when two of them decided to escape, it almost didn’t make sense because you didn’t understand their motivations.

Overall: Maybe the next book in the series will be better, especially since some of the secrets have now been brought to light, but unfortunately, the Unwept was slow moving, lacked proper character development, and was boring.

Novel was provided by netgalley

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