Dollhouse by Anya Allyn

Dollhouse by Anya AllynKindle Edition, 205 pages
Published May 20th 201

I’ve been trying to figure out how to review this. It did have things that I enjoyed, but things that I didn’t as well. And I’m not even sure if I liked it all that much to begin with. Hopefully, by the time I finish writing this it will make sense.

One day Cassie, along with her friends Ethan, the boy she loves, Aisha, the girl he’s dating, and Lacey, Aisha’s bff, go out in the wilderness to take pictures for class. Things start off peaceful enough; until Aisha starts to see Cassie overstepping her friend zone and getting a little too close to Ethan. Aisha gets annoyed and the next thing you know Aisha goes missing.

No one knows where she is and everyone suspects Ethan as the potential murderer. Ethan, wanting to clear his name, decides to find Aisha himself only Cassie and Lacey decide to join too. They stumble upon a house, break in, go on a merry-go-round type thing, and then get trapped in a Dollhouse. Yay!

When this happened, I was on board on the love train for this novel. Instead of waiting for things to build up, Allyn takes us straight to the Dollhouse and into creepy territory. A book called the Dollhouse should feature a Dollhouse as a main setting, so I’m glad that happened.

Once inside, Lacey ends up captured and Cassie and Ethan are forced into having a tea party with Jessamine and her dolls. The dolls end up being girls who went missing during the years, but even more surprising is that Aisha is one of the dolls.

This is when things started to get a bit muddy. Cassie, Ethan, and Aisha all try to leave, but for the most part Ethan and Aisha are in doll jail while Cassie spends her days drawing, drinking tea, and reading with the other dolls. Mysteries start to emerge and the antagonist appears, but I felt like something was missing.

The story has great potential and even though some of the twists are predictable, they still work for the story. It’s just that, the characters feel like cardboard cut outs and not all that real. Cassie thinks about Ethan. Ethan thinks about saving Aisha. Aisha acts jealous. And Lacey, after she gets captured no one really wonders about her all that much.

With Cassie, I get that she likes Ethan and wants to be with him, but I really hate when someone goes after someone who is taken. There’s a scene in the beginning when Ethan, Cassie, and Lacey are looking for Aisha and while Ethan and Cassie are alone they argue and then Cassie kisses him. Because when one of your friends go missing, it’s a great time to make out with said friend’s boyfriend….

I was fully on Aisha’s corner during this love triangle, until the end when Aisha reveals her back story with Ethan. Let’s just say, its one thing to go after someone who is taken and it’s another to manipulate someone into having sex with you. So yea….despite this, Aisha was the only one who felt somewhat fleshed out and she did grow in the end. Everyone else, not so much.

I think the biggest disappointment for me was the ending, because it’s a cliffhanger. Going into this novel, I didn’t know that this was part of a series, so when the ending happened I was a bit peeved. So even though I didn’t really care for Dollhouse, I want to read the next novel just to have my questions answered. Nothing really happened in the book until the last few pages and then BAM it ends.

Not cool. Not cool at all.

Overall: I think the Dollhouse has a lot of potential and some elements of horror, but the characters didn’t feel real and the cliffhanger at the end really annoyed me. Here’s hoping the next book is a lot better!

Novel was provided by netgalley

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