The Silent Wife by A.S.A Harrison

The Silent WifePaperback, 326 pages
Published June 25th 2013

The Silent Wife was part of the choices for Best Mystery & Thriller novel for 2013. I’m a mystery and thriller fan and wanted to read an adult book, so I thought this would be perfect.

Picture this, Todd, a notorious cheater, has decided to end his 20+ year relationship with his wife after finding out that his much younger mistress, a mistress he watched grow up, is pregnant with his baby. Jodi, the faithful wife, has known about the countless cheatings, but always overlooks them because, at the end of the day, Todd always comes back to her. However, this time is different. Todd wants things to end, but Jodi won’t let him. The more he pushes and pushes, the more she latches on and tightens her grip. Alas, you can only do that for so long. So what’s a girl to do? Her husband is a cheating pig and she’s left with nothing more than with bitter memories and an eviction notice. At this point, there’s only one thing she can do. Murder. I mean, if anyone deserves to be killed, it’s him right?

Now wait right there. After reading the synopsis, you might have had the same thoughts that I did and you wouldn’t be wrong for feeling this way. However, the book kind of fails in putting all of these pieces together and providing a well thought out story that leaves us on the edge of our seat. I mean, the plan to kill Todd didn’t even come into fruition until the end and the plot for this is so small compared to everything else in the novel.

I do want to say that a book doesn’t need to have characters that you like or relate to in order for the book to be a gem, but it does need to make them believable and feel real. Unfortunately, I never got that here. Todd and Jodi are stuck in a tiny bubble and are never allowed to be fully fleshed out. All I know from Todd is that he feels like men will always cheat, he loves having sex, he has a business where he thinks about his cheating ways and sex, and he might have a STD…due to the countless sexy time parties he’s had. Jodi, on the other hand, likes order and routine and psychology.

As for the secondary characters, they felt dull also. Natasha, the young mistress, is a paranoid pregnant woman. Despite knowing that her relationship started through cheating, she suspects Todd of cheating on her and it drives her bonkers. Dean goes from crying over his dead wife to raging ranter when he finds out that Todd has been sleeping with his daughter.

The ending was kind of meh to me, mainly because by this point I just wanted to finish the book and be done with it. Now that I’m done, it really feels like I didn’t read it. There are words on the page, characters did things, but it never came to life. I understood the need to have that disconnect to the characters, but it just made me feel cold and distant to a novel that had a lot of potential. I wanted to love this novel, but the only thing I feel now is confusion at why so many people liked this.

Overall: I’m in the minority in this, but I would take a pass on this. You’re not missing anything by reading this, but like I said I am in the minority. If you like books about cheating spouses and characters getting their just deserts then you might like this. Sadly, this wasn’t my cup of tea.

This had a lot of potential. Tons of it in fact, but it never allowed the reader to be fully immersed in Todd and Jodi’s world. With other books and with other topics, this might be okay, but seeing as how this is more of a character driven novel this was hard for me to overlook.


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