Champion or Cold Spell?

ImageBoth are coming out tomorrow and both are series that I’ve enjoyed. I wonder which one I should read first.

Actually, I already know the answer. I’m reading Champion first. It’s the final book in the trilogy, plus the story is still fresh in my head since I’ve only started reading the series last week. I’m still excited to read Cold Spell and I do want to know what happens next and to see how this story ties in with the other novels, but I think I’ll have to look back at my old reviews on them for a refresher.



2 thoughts on “Champion or Cold Spell?

    • haha, but on the plus side you’ll be reading them right after the other. Just stay away from spoilers, since I have a feeling people will definitely try to ruin it for others. They did it for Allegiant, so this should be no different.

      Hope you enjoy the books when you get the chance to read them. I’ll be looking forward to your reviews on them. 🙂

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