When fans roar – Allegiant


So, Allegiant by Veronica Roth came out today. It’s the final book in the Divergent trilogy and it’s already making waves on the review sites. Apparently, something major happens in the ending. I don’t know what, but it’s something that’s divided the people.

As someone who isn’t that big of a fan of the series, in fact I don’t think you could call me a fan to begin with, I’m trying hard not to get my hopes up but all of this noise about the ending has me kind of excited. Unlike the Hunger Games, where I felt like each book in the series was worse than it’s predecessor, I kind of thought the opposite was true here. Divergent was horrible, but Insurgent actually made me interested.

Not by much, but it was there.

Now that I have the book, I’m hoping that some of my questions will be answered. For example:

  • Are we going to see the outside world? And if so, is it going to be a wasteland or more of a utopia?

I think it might be interesting if it was the latter. Not going to happen, but it would be interesting. I mean, imagine if the world was messed up so they created this society, but by doing so they realized that society was messed up and changed everything.

  • Will Tris become less selfish and actually display signs that she’s a Divergent?

One of my biggest pet peeves with this novel is that Tris doesn’t display signs of being a Divergent. Not in the sense that people can’t read her head, but in the sense that she only thinks about herself when her Abnegation side should stop this from happening.

  • Will other couples survive the curse of these novels?

What curse you ask? Well it seems like if you’re a couple, other than Four and Tris, you’ll die. In fact, the moment you show that you like someone you’ll die, or become paralyzed. If you’ve read the novels, just think about it. You’ll realize that this trend has been happening since the first book. The series, despite itself, has been living by one rule when it comes to romance. One relationship to rule them all, one relationship to remain standing.

  • Will we see a war?

Not only between the factions, but between this society and the outside world? What about the one between Caleb and Tris, who have very different views about the world in general.

  • Will this really be the end of the trilogy? Or will it be open ended?

I’m hoping for the former, only because I want a resolution. If there isn’t one, then I’m hoping it’s done correctly. I just hoping the ending doesn’t leave me annoyed like Requiem did.

  • Will the factions finally make sense?

One of the things I’ve had a problem with in this series, other than Tris, was the factions and how they really made no sense, especially Dauntless, How is jumping out of moving trains and high buildings courageous? It’s reckless and stupid….Anyways, I’m hoping we get a bit of a history lesson on how the founders came up with these factions and what they originally intended by them.

Those are only some of the questions I have. I have plenty more, of course! I’m still trying not to get my expectations so high, but after writing this and seeing some of the reactions, it’s just not happening.  Oh well. Let’s hope the book is good!


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